Upcoming Presentations and Public Lectures

'Terra Nullius No More! Finland in Geopolitical Imagination after NATO',   hosted by the Global Politics and Practice Research Group at Central European University, Vienna, Austria (21 November 2023)

In this talk, I will discuss my book Geopolitics, Northern Europe, and Nordic Noir: What Television Series Tell Us About World Politics (Routledge, 2021) alongside more recent research on geopolitical imaginaries of Nordic Europe following the decision of Sweden and Finland to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in 2022. Employing the reddit Internet conspiracy that Finland does not exist as a popular geopolitical provocation, I will examine the changing views of Finland over the past century, from its troubled position in World War II, to the period of ‘Finlandisation’, to its new role of security bulwark in Europe’s far north. Drawing on historical and contemporary popular cultural representations of Finland and fieldwork conducted in northern Finland in the summer of 2023, my goal is to  interrogate the country’s protean image at home and abroad and how such visions influence geopolitical thinking in Norden, Europe, Russia, and the USA.
'Black + Brown ≠ Green: The Absent Presence of the Anthropocene in Wakanda Forever',  Popular Culture and World Politics v14: Shaping a Broken World at Central European University, Vienna, Austria (17 November 2023)

Four years after the globally-lauded Black Panther, Marvel-Disney launched its sequel Wakanda Forever (WF). Structured by the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman in 2020, the second installation centres on the new female leadership of the fictional African monarchy as it grapples with an emergent threat from Namor, the centuries-old ruler of an undersea Mesoamerican kingdom known as Talokan. My paper interrogates auteur director Ryan Coogler’s retro-active change in continuity of the (European) Sub-Mariner and his Atlantean realm; I do so through the twinned lenses of global political economy and critical geography, assessing Namor’s proposed black-brown alliance of Wakanda-Talokan against the neoliberal global power structure (i.e. the most-developed countries of North America, Europe, East Asia, and Oceania). Building on my previous analysis of Black Panther, this paper expands on the paradox of Disney/MCU as a liberatory force in the world, focussing on the problematic of the Anthropocene Epoch in WF. While anthropogenic climate change, rampant oceanic pollution, and humanity’s geological agency stalk the narrative of WF – and, in their primordial forms, that of the Sub-Mariner narrative from its Atlantean origins in 1939 – these hyperobjects are conspicuously missing from the film. This absent presence is radically indicative of the inability of Disney – qua the consummate American global conglomerate – to make a case for environmentalism in the face of multiple planetary crises. Moreover, such a lacuna belies the promised continuity of the American monomyth as the perennial beacon to world, instead telegraphing the country’s destiny to ‘to lose [its] moral perspective on itself’, which will thus trigger its collapse (Baudrillard 1989, 91).

Past Events

'Posthuman Geopolitical Culture(s): Decentring the State in the Anthropocene Epoch' at the British International Studies Association (BISA) conference, Hilton Glasgow, UK (23 June 2023)
'Blinding Visions of the Anthropocene: Thinking and Feeling the New Human Epoch While Watching See ', Televisual Landscapes in the Era of Climate Crises at the ECREA 9th European Communication Conference, Aarhus University, Denmark (21 October 2022)
'A See Change? Observations on the (Visual) Politics of Screening the Anthropocene ', Surviving the Human Epoch: Popular Culture and the (Geo)Politics of the Anthropocene at the British International Studies Association (BISA) conference, Newcastle University, UK (16 June 2022)
'Geographical Imagination, Genealogy, and Geopolitics  in Who Do You Think You Are? ' at the (Em)placing the Popular in Cultural Geography workshop at Coventry University, UK (12 January 2022)
'(Be)longing to/for the Past: Negotiations of Time, Space, and Identity in Beforeigners ', In/between Spaces of Power - SF Geographies of Bodies in Troubled Times at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting (SGM), University of Geneva, Switzerland (20 November 2021)
'Screening Geopolitics in Norden:  Televisual Representation(s) of the Post-Cold War Order' at the Fourth Nordic Challenges Conference: Reconsidering the Nordic Models in an Age of Polarization, hosted by Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World (ReNEW) at Boston University (5 November 2021)
'Perilous Visions of the North: Screening the Anthropocene in Nordic Television Drama', Nordic Anthropocene Screen Media, Aarhus University, Denmark (20 September 2021)
'A Broken World (Politics): Dark Visions of American Foreign Policy in the Late Anthropocene ', Performing Anthropo(s)cenes: Politics of/with(in) Popular Culture section at European International Studies Association's 14th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 'Power Politics of Nature', in Msida, Malta (14 September 2021)
'IR in Ruins: Imagining Global Power in the Coming Apocalypse', Cosmologies of the End workshop at the 7th European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS), University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece (2 July 2021)
'Nordic Whereabouts in Times of Trouble', opening address at [t]ERROR ON TOUR: Nordic Whereabouts - Straying through Erratic tERRitORies, Institute for Urban Research (IUR), Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden (9 June 2021)
'Screening the Nordic City: The Politics of Place and Space in Contemporary Crime Series',  hosted by MEDEA and Institute for Urban Research (IUR) , Panora, Malmö, Sweden (December 10, 2019)
'The Political Culture(s) of European Crime Series: Place, Power, Identity', EURONOIR: Producers, Distributors and Audiences of European Crime Narratives, Aalborg University, Denmark (October 2, 2019)
'A Critical Analysis of the Political Geographies of Black Panther', invited keynote at Headington College and Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability workshop, University of Oklahoma (March 26, 2019)
'Extending the Katechon: Religio-Civilizational Vectors in Russia’s Intervention in the Levant', Striking from the Margins Conference: State, Disintegration and Devolution of Authority in the Arab Middle East , American University of Beirut, Lebanon (January 17, 2019)
'Who Gets to Imagine the Community in Cyberspace? A Reflection on the Past(s), Present, and Future(s) of Digital Nationalism' at the Nations in Cyberspace conference, hosted by the Nationalism Studies Program, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary  (June 28, 2018)
'#Geopolitics: Diplomacy in the Age of Twitter', School of International Relations at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia (April 27, 2018)